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Ordinance of the President of the Region n.27 of 02/06/2020 - REGISTRATION

Si comunica che gli effetti dell'Ordinanza n. 43 del 11 settembre 2020 sono cessati in data 23 ottobre 2020

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General data

Arrival registration
Data of origin

For all passengers who have stayed or transited in Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Czech Republic or Spain during the last fourteen days.

Please note that, in compliance with the Decree of the Minister of Health of 7 October 2020, in force from 8 October until 15 October 2020, they must certify that they have undergone a molecular or antigenic test within 72 hours prior to the arrival into the regional territory. This test has to be carried out by means of a swab and tested negative upon the arrival at port or airport, where possible, or within 48 hours of arrival into the regional territory at the Local Health Authority of reference.

The name of the accomodation is mandatory, only if the type of accomodation is an Hotel, Other accomodation or Other
Data about the stay (specify at least a accomodation)

Departure from Sardinia

Departure boarding data

Data of destination

Autocertificazione ai sensi e per gli effetti di cui al DPR n. 445/2000 relativa all'esecuzione del test sierologico, molecolare o antigenico rapido
Si ricorda che in ottemperanza all'ordianza n.43 dell'11 settembre 2020, è possibile mettersi in regola entro le 48 ore successive, secondo una delle seguenti modalità:
  • a) comunicando immediatamente il proprio arrivo all'azienda sanitaria competente ed accettando di sottoporsi a tampone, nelle more dell'esito del quale si impegnano ad osservare l’isolamento domiciliare fiduciario, che verrà meno solo all'atto dell'eventuale esito negativo dello stesso;
  • b) accettando di sottoporsi ad uno dei test effettuati direttamente presso le postazioni eventualmente allestite nei porti e negli aeroporti di arrivo;
  • c) effettuando un test presso le strutture o i punti di prelievo accreditati, di cui alla determinazione del DG Sanità n. 666 del 03/09/2020 (consultabili sul link e comunicando il relativo esito);
  • d) effettuando un test sierologico, anche qualitativo, presso la struttura di destinazione il cui esito sia certificato da un medico abilitato e trasmettendolo alla direzione generale dell’Assessorato dell’igiene e sanità della Regione Sardegna;
  • Dati del test effettuato con esito negativo nelle 48 ore antecedenti all'arrivo

    Selezionare la motivazione per cui si è esente

    Did you have one or more of these symptoms in the last 21 days?

    Please communicate anything in your knowledge

    Dependent minors

    Details of the identity document and attachments
    Enter the details of the document that you will show on boarding

    Insert any attachments (not mandatory)

  • The undersigned, as identified above, declares under their own responsibility that the personal data and the data related to the travel and stay in Sardinia are true, aware of the civil and criminal consequences of false declaration;
  • The undersigned undertakes to immediately communicate to the Competent Health Authorities the occurrence of the disease, on oneself or the children upon whom exercise parental responsibility, (of) any symptoms among those described in the following form: Civil Protection hotline: 800 894 530,  Health Department hotline: 800 311 377
  • The undersigned agrees to be tested with a diagnostic virological test for COVID-19, at the occurrence of clinical manifestations that are compatible with an ongoing infection.
  • I, the undersigned authorise the processing of my personal data also through an IT application, bearing in mind that my personal data will be entered in a specific regional database, stored for 14 days and used for the monitoring activity of the data subjects, as provided by art. 5 of ordinance No. 27 of June 2, 2020
  • The undersigned agrees to respect all the preventive measures (wearing face masks and social distancing) as by national and regional guidelines, as well as those implemented in the accomodation in which the undersigned will be staying.

  • Information on the processing of personal data
    The following informative report is presented in a simplified form.
    The owner of treatment is the Autonomous Region of Sardinia that processes the personal data provided by filling out the registration form.
    In particular, the data can be transmitted to public and private entities involved in the emergency management, as referred to in article 17 bis of the L.D. n. 18/2020, in those cases in which it will be essential to preserve the purpose of the related activities connected to the management of the emergency.
    In accordance with article 5 of the Decree of the President of the Region, n. 27 of 02/06/2020, the names and addresses acquired.
    The data controller gives notice that the personal data acquired will be stored in the regional data centre.
    Contact details of the data controller:
    Autonomous Region of Sardinia:
    Viale Trento 69 – 09123 Cagliari
    Phone Number +39 070 6067000
    Contact details of the Data Protection Officer of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia:
    Viale Trieste 186 – 09123 Cagliari
    Phone Number  +39 070 6065735
    The rights provided for in Articles 15 to 23 of Regulation(EU) 2016/679, including the right of access to one's own data, retification, erasure, can be exercised in the following ways:
    By filling in the form available at the following link:
    Further requests for clarification must be sent only to the appointed email address

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